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Welcome. If you've already signed up with Resource Productions I'm pleased to meet you. If you are here to check out what's on offer feel free to have a browse. After that you can contact Resource Productions to sign on. The next Write Start is on Saturday 1st December at Moor Hall in Cookham. Booking info here.

Course leader Mike Pearcy

What's It All About?

Write Start is a creative writing workshop in which you will arrive with an outline for a story and in a supportive group environment develop that idea using five of the essential elements of storytelling - structure, characterisation, conflict, transformation and dialogue. Whatever genre you work in - long or short prose, film and TV, theatre or radio - a good story is vital. There are tried and tested methods of constructing and telling a story that many successful writers use. And even when the writer bends the rules to good effect in telling the story, this can only happen when they understand the rules they are breaking.

What's Involved?

It's a one-day course and it's quite intense. You will do a fair bit of writing through the day which will all link together by tea-time!

Should I Bring Anything With Me?

You will need to prepare an outline idea for a story, something between ten and thirty minutes. Make notes about it if you want to or simply come with it in your head. One of the first things we will do is talk about our story ideas with the rest of the group.

Is There Any Other Preparation I can do?

Yes, there are a bunch of short stories to read. They vary in length from 100 words (flash fiction) to 5000 words. Most are international award winning stories. Read as many as you can bearing in mind the story telling elements mentioned above. There are also over 100 screenplays available although I don't expect you to read them all!

So What’s at the Heart Of This Course?

Storytelling – just that. The story is the beating heart of everything we do.