Pre-Course Reading Resources

Here you will find something to warm you up for the course - a collection of prize-winning short stories from competitions and writing festivals. The length varies from 100 word flash fiction to 5000 word stories. Please read them and look out for the way the characters are introduced and the way the story (plot) is revealed. Two useful questions to ask after reading each story is how and when did I understand what was happening in this story, and how was the main protagonist introduced? One way of revealing plot and character is to drip feed the information as the story unfolds so that the reader is almost unaware it is happening.

The Write Start course is built around developing a story from an idea you bring with you. You may have a story idea already buzzing round in your head that you have not developed yet. That will do perfectly for the Write Start workshop. If you want to come up with something new then here is a collection of prompts that may just get your imagination fired up. There are photographs and a list of themes and topics for you to consider. When you get through to the folder click on the first image and then you will be able to click through them all.

This link takes you to over 100 screenplays which you may read online or download. This is reference material, please do not attempt to read them all! Our aspiring screenwriters may find their favourites to study and compare to the finished movies. On the course we will be using clips from several movies to illustrate some general points in story telling because viewing piece of film is a shared experience in a way that cannot be easily replicated with a short story or an extract from a novel.