Mike's Website

Welcome. This website will give an outline of what Write Start is all about and provide links to the workshops and courses I am leading. Although I follow a definite framework and set specific targets for each workshop, there is always a different dynamic created by those who attend and their individual needs.

We write a lot, talk a lot, discuss the work and share. We resolve each writer's issues as they arise; this could include characterisation, plot development and even grammar when necessary. I like to have a mix of talent, the more experienced writers support those at the start of their journey - and we all learn from helping each other.

Mike Pearcy Biography

Michael Pearcy’s plays have been performed in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Gibraltar and Singapore. There have been many performances in the UK including The Union Theatre in Southwark where The Gatekeeper’s True Religion was described by Time Out magazine as ‘…a unique gem’. His short stories have won awards in various festivals and competitions including the Berkshire Arts Festival and the Woman’s Own short story competition. As a journalist Mike has covered many and varied subjects ranging from Charles Dickens living in Slough with his young lover, to the story behind the making of the film The King’s Speech. In his non-fiction writing he is able to combine his experience as a professional photographer with his writing. He has published the book How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer and contributed to The Home Movie Makers Handbook writing about scripting, editing and production. Mike has been delivering two popular writing courses, Write Start and Writing for Page, Stage and Screen. These have been with the support of Resource Productions (Slough) and Slough Borough Council at such venues as The Institute of Marketing at Moor Hall and The Curve in Slough. Writing for Page, Stage and screen has been awarded a ‘most popular’ rating in the Resource Productions programme.

More about Write Start

A Write Start workshop provides a frame work for you to flex your story telling muscles and along the way, tackle all the challenges that writers face. Working alone is one of the biggest challenges. A Write Start workshop provides a supportive group environment and, using five of the essential elements of storytelling - structure, characterisation, conflict, transformation and dialogue, encourages you to develop as a writer. Whichever genre you work in - long or short prose, film and TV, theatre or radio - telling a good story is vital. There are tried and tested methods of constructing and telling a story that many successful writers use. It's not the only way to tell a story but you cannot subvert the established method if you don't know what it is. And even in the work of the most maverick story tellers, there will still be the ghost of the classic structure.